April 28, 2007

There's a new kid in town

It's Ruthie! She's the latest Gadget Monkey I put on my website. She's not on Etsy yet, but I suppose she will be soon. I've found that I get very few sales on the weekend so I'd rather wait until Monday to list a new item.
This not being able to sew thing is really hard. I took my old PFAFF in for a tune up and the guy won't even be in for another three days. Aargh! I guess Nick & I have been really busy this week buying stuff for the house & everything so it hasn't been so bad. He starts his new job Monday and I'll be stuck here alone. That's not gonna be fun without a sewing machine. I guess I'll be stocking up on monkeys again. I haen't sold much over the past 2 weeks so it seems like such a waste. Ever get discouraged because your sales are low? That's me right now. I've been trying to relist and post on the Etsy forums a lot, but still not much happening. I guess it'll pick up.
What I really want to do is get a second website going for my little monkey friends and spend some time promoting iSew.biz. I have a great book about online marketing, but it's on a ship with my sewing room! I'm afraid I don't even know where to start. I've done a lot already, but I still need to do way more. Maybe it's time to put an ad in a magazine. Any ideas which one? Me either.
Well, I'll worry about all that later. My Aunt is in town this week so she's stopping by tomorrow to see the house. That'll be a nice distraction on a Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Ruthie is adorable!

Christina J. said...

I love Ruthie! I have been eyeing your gadget monkeys since I saw Jenn's post about Daisy on her blog. I've been waiting for the right one and Ruthie was it! :)


Beth Lemon said...

Your monkeys are great!

Congrats on the move and have fun unpacking.

Sharleen said...

cool monkey! Hope your sewing room arrives soon.


LeeAnn said...

I have a little secret for you. I just got my brand new Pfaff today! Eeee! I am so excited. It's still in the box, but tomorrow I'll pack up my old machine and set up this beaut.

Zu said...

That is so cute!! Good work! :-)