April 04, 2007

Here's the latest

I sold my one Jenny bag last week, a miracle since I was out of town, so I decided to make another one. My original plan for this bag was to make a zipper version, and one with a flap closure. Here's the result... I think it turned out really pretty. (Naturally it's on iSew.biz and Etsy)

Things are getting a bit stressful now. The movers should be here a week from tomorrow to pack up the house. That will include 99% of my sewing room. This means I'll be unable to make new things for up to 6 weeks! (omg) Lucky for me, I have a sewing machine sitting in my cousin's closet in California right now. The problem is deciding what fabric & supplies to carry with me. I'm running out of time here. sigh

The good and the bad news - I have sold 2 monkeys, a diaper bag and a backpack since I got back on Monday. I just got some REALLY cute fabric to use for another Catie Diaper Bag too, it's going to be so sweet. The bad news - (not bad really) I have a backpack & monkey to make. I need to make a baby quilt for some friends & the fabric hasn't arrived yet. When it rains it poors, right?

More good news, Nick's work visa was approved yesterday so we will actually be moving in a week or two, haha. Just wish me luck getting the house we picked out. The owner wasn't planning to allow more than one pet, I have two. Wish me luck. The property manager man thinks it won't be a problem. (crosses fingers)

Back to the old sewing table now. Tomorrow's a holiday in the UK, I gotta get this backpack done so I can ship today! Cheers! And big hugs to my poor cousin Ryan in the hospital right now after having surgery on his jaw. Poor guy is in a ton of pain, send him your good karma please...and a milkshake.


Katie Jean said...

I love that bag! I know how it feels not to have all your sewing stuff with you. I just moved into a house not too long ago and I still feel a little unsettled. Good luck with your move and I'm sure that you'll be able to get all your sewing done!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

That bag is really, really cute!
Wow, you are facing a huge move--I would be a little nervous. Moving is stressy enough, but overseas?! Wow! AND to not have a sewing room for around 6 weeks--torture! Best of luck to you in your move!
Smiles, Karen