April 15, 2007

Last night in the UK

Wel, the house is empty, the truck is empty & we're ready to go. Nick & I are leaving for London in a few minutes to stay near the airport. My flight leaves at noon tomorrow. It feels weird that in one week we'll be in our new house in San Rafael. Crazy how your life changes so quickly.

For the last time, CHEERS!


Jenn Maruska said...

Keep us posted on how things are going!

I remember when Josh and I finally got all of our things out of storage and moved into our house here in Seattle - we opened a bottle of wine when we emptied the last box of stuff.

Be sure to show us your new sewing room, too!

Jenn : )

LeeAnn said...

I hope your travels are unexciting. No one needs exciting airplane rides. See you on the flip side!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

See you when you get here! Have a safe trip!
Smiles, Karen