February 27, 2007

Long awaited arrival

Just what I've been waiting for. Thanks Mr. Mailman. I finally got my Dick & Jane fabric in the mail yesterday. I got 9 prints from this collection and I love them all. I can't decide what to make with it. A bib? A diaper bag? That wold be cute. What about a kids' backpack, or a quilt? The possibilites are endless.
I also got a few prints from Amy Butler's Lotus collection. They're great, but Nick (my boyfriend) doesn't agree. He doesn't really get it. That's okay, he's a boy. They'll make a great Julie bag or maybe I'll make a Dolores and use some of the leftovers to make a wallet or a zipper pouch. hmmmmm These are tough decisions for a Tuesday morning. I guess I'll just go for a walk and contemplate the possibilities.

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