September 22, 2010

Handmade for Baby

My baby shower was a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share some of the beautiful gifts we received for little BooBoo. It was a small gathering but I'm happy to say that most of the gifts were handmade!

Trisha made this sweet quilt. I'm so honored that she gave it to me, she actually worked on it at my house! haha I really love it. I want the baby to enjoy it, but I'm also thinking about hanging it on the wall in her room for a while so we can see it. Thanks Trisha, I really love it!

And from Trisha's daughter, these gorgeous baby bracelets. Remember the stitch markers she made for me? These are even more special because they're made from beads & crystals I used to make my wedding jewelry. They'll be a wonderful keepsake for the baby.

My friend Alejandra knitted this adorable hat and blanket. I love the color of that blanket and the hat is just too cute (and, I'm told, it will even stay on).

My cousin's girlfriend Sanya came all the way across the country to be with us that day and the gifts she made are to die for. Look at this adorable hat and booties. Just beautiful!

Sanya also made this lovely gown and hat. These are just amazing and I'm so touched that she spent so much time for my little baby. If I didn't have to take the baby home in a car seat, she'd be wearing this home for sure.

Christina couldn't make it to the shower but she sent along this cute bunny to hang in baby's room (I've reserved a special place). His body is cross stitched and his little tail is beaded. Isn't he sweet?!?!

Christina also sent me some birthday pressies (my birthday was this past Saturday)...she really knows what I like.

I can't wait to make these cookies! Thanks so much're so thoughtful. :)

I'm so lucky to know so many crafty people! I've been chipping away at my craft list lately too, here's the latest...

A very soft knitted blanket, just riddled with mistakes. I suppose no one will notice as long as I don't lay it out flat.

And just finished today:
A reversible hoodie made from an old Butterick pattern I had laying around. It only took me the afternoon to put this together.

I finished this little scotty dog a while ago, just didn't get a chance to share it. He's so cute, isn't he? (If you want to see both sides, click here.)

And (just for Trisha) because I refuse to dress up a newborn for Halloween...

In one evening I knit up this sweet little pumpkin hat. She can get her picture taken in it but I'm not taking her trick-or-treating. ha!

There's more where this came from but I'm a bit behind in the photo department.


Alexis said...

What cute gifts! And what a gift that your friends and family share your talents! Everything is cute but those little booties are to die for!

Christina J. said...

You received some very lovely handmade gifts! I'm so glad you like the bunny picture. :) The pumpkin hat is so adorable! I hope you'll share a photo a photo of her in it!

Nutsy Coco said...

You got a lot of great gifts! It's wonderful to have crafty friends :)

Katie Jean said...

Wow what great goodies!! That gown is to die for. What a special present!

Stacie said...

This is going to be the best dressed child ever! Everything is just lovely. Your blanket may be "riddled" with mistakes, but that's how you learn. Love the jacket and the Scottie too.

baby gifts said...

What a beautiful baby gifts! I love them especially those baby bracelets, simply pretty. You're so lucky to have talented people around you. I wish I could also learn how to knit so that I can make baby stuff for my friends' babies and also for my future baby. ;)

Philip Byrne said...

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