March 31, 2010

Hope Valley and More

Before I get into even more new fabric, I thought I'd share a couple things I made with that cool Hope Valley fabric from my last post. I haven't been sharing a lot of sewing projects lately...

Of course, I made a coupon organizer. That goes without saying these days.
(Shameless Plug: Don't forget you can make your own coupon organizer with my sewing pattern.)

And while I was cutting out the organizer, I decided to go ahead and make a bag too.

 I've got a little bit of this fabric left, what do you think I should make next?

And just so I don't leave you wondering. Trisha and I (and her awesome kids!) went to Keepsake Cottage Fabrics the other day and she made me get these:

A few prints from Moda's Whimsy collection. I've been anxiously awaiting these (and hoping I'd manage to get pregnant while they're around, hehe) for ages. They're every bit as gorgeous in person. I'm very impressed with myself, only getting these little bits...for now. I've already got a couple projects in the works with my little bit of Whimsy.

A little tribute to Seattle landed in my bag as well.  Rainy Days and Mondays by Melimba & Beccabury. Isn't this adorable!?!

I can't really blame Trisha for my fabric weaknesses, she was just encouraging me really.


Trisha said...

That bag is so cute! I went to your shop to tempt myself to get it and it is already sold! That's awesome for you, but not for me. I had so much fun hanging out with you and I was pretty relieved that hanging out with my kids didn't make you not want any. haha

Christina J. said...

Great fabric and super cute bag! Sounds like it was a fun day!