March 21, 2010

Sweet Things

Just wanted to share some baking projects from this past week. I like to use any holiday as an excuse to make cupcakes, St. Patrick's Day was no exception.

I started, actually ended, with some Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts.

Chocolate cupcakes and a little green frosting.

I frosted the first dozen the old-fashioned way, with a knife. It took too long and looked a little too "bake sale" for my taste.

So, I switched to piping and then sacrificed 3 Thin Mint cookies to crumble on top. These cupcakes were a hit and the mint on top turned out to be just the right amount. Nick thought I'd actually flavored the frosting too!

That's not all the baking for this week. Yesterday was Nick's birthday!! We went to a party for our friends' daughter and 2 other adults. I was chosen to make the adult cake, so I went with this design since all 3 adults are British.
It was a little wonky, in my opinion, but very tasty. I made a marble cake with chocolate frosting in between layers & vanilla buttercream on the outside. Yummmm!

Next week might seem like a sweet letdown after that cake. Hmmm, maybe some lemon scones?


Nutsy Coco said...

The cake and the cupcakes both look great!

Trisha said...

Your cupcakes look SO delicious! Love the union jack cake. I hope Nick had a nice birthday. We missed you at sock club. Coming to guild on Monday?

Delena said...

I think the cake looks awesome and I love the piped cupcakes. Love your comment, too, about too bake sale. ;)

Bee said...

Beautiful job! Mint cookies are my favorite. Say hello to Seattle for me I miss it so....

LizzieJane said...

What wonderful baking. It looks like you had lots of fun. Happy belated birthday to Nick!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Yay cupcakes! Can't go wrong, piped icing or no ;) looks yummy!