December 02, 2009

For the Love of Cath Kidston

One of my favorite things in the UK is anything Cath Kidston! I really miss being able to go to one of her shops whenever I feel like it.

Luckily, she sends out this free magazine/catalog every couple of months (just to tease me). You can sign up for it here.

It's filled with pretty things you'd find in her shops, or on her website (they ship internationally, just in case you're wondering). I love these mugs!

There are recipes too, and little stories about this & that.

Her fabric designs are heaven! I want them all.

She's got a few books out too. Last year my wonderful husband got me one, and also this bag. Isn't the print great?

And check out this adorable pin cushion! I miss England sometimes, especially when I get this catalog!

I know this sounds like a Cath Kidston advertisement, but I promise you, it's just me showing some love.



Christina J. said...

It looked so cute that I ordered a catalog!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

ohhhh boy...Cath Kidston stuff just makes me smile and want to shell out tons of $$$. The catalog is a good way to get some eye candy in the mail. Thanks, I will sign up!!

And omg thank you so much for getting my book!!! Yeah someone told me that they spotted it at Lowe's, thought that was strange. But hey..I'm happy! :-) Happy holidays! (too soon to say that yet?)

Amy Herbst said...

It's all VERY pretty.. and the mugs are adorable. I can see why you're addicted to Cath Kidston. Thanks for sharing! :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Ordered a catalogue! They will owe you agent's fees!