July 20, 2009


I've been doing a little shopping lately.

These two 5x5" photos came from Friendly Made on Etsy. I've had my eye on that dinosaur for months! There's a 3rd print downstairs in our family room.

Another item I've been coveting is this lavender bunny all the way from the UK. Check out Pouch for more cute stuff.

How about a little local handmade goodness? Our farmer's market does one day of crafts and it was yesterday. I couldn't walk away without this cute pincushion! Adorable, no? Unfortunately, I can't send you to a website or anything for this one. :(

I also came home from JoAnn with quite a collection of colorful yarns. My monkeys are going to be so happy, haha. I couldn't resist taking a photo of all these bright colors.

Now, I must get back to work so I can keep shopping. hehe


Christina J. said...

Cute things!

I should not do any shopping after the hefty school supply shopping I just did.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sheesh--you sure got some sweet stuff!! Love that little pincushion the best...it's just adorable!
Smiles, Karen

Jenn Maruska said...

Lots of cuteness!