June 03, 2009

The Joy of IKEA

Since moving to Seattle I have been to IKEA 3 times. It's a great big store on only one level with covered walkways and parking (very clever for a place that gets a lot of rain). This past weekend Nick and I went to get ourselves some new couches. It was lots of fun.

We enjoyed some Swedish Meatballs. Yummy!

I got this glass jar to make my own terrarium. They seem to be all the rage on Etsy these days, and way overpriced. The jar was about $3, the moss came from our backyard. Excellent!

I always stop in the fabric section to see what's available. I got a small amount of this cool striped cotton canvas.

Here's the tote bag I made from the fabric. Nice colors, eh? It's already in the shop.

We picked out a love seat with this pretty stripey cover.

And a longer sofa with a red corduroy cover. Both were delivered and set up by the same evening. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

I'm ready to paint the family room now.

All that shopping wore me out, so we stopped for a coffee on the way home. Did you know that Starbucks now has a reusable version of their cold drink cup? It looks like the regular cup, but it's a sturdy reusable one with it's own straw and everything. I think this is a very cool thing, especially since the majority of my specialty coffee is of the iced variety. I had to get one and I love it!

Next time we hit IKEA, I hope I'm ordering my new kitchen.


Christina J. said...

Great finds!

Oh my gosh, I love that Starbucks cup! I got one last summer and it was the greatest thing ever. Then N stole it from me. :) I was so glad to see they had them again and I bought one right away! Did you know they have both the Venti and Grande sizes? I stuck with the Grande. Venti could be dangerous.

Katie Jean said...

IKEA is a dangerous place. I have one less than 5 miles from my house! Sometimes Isaiah and I go there just to have lunch and hang out.

Nicole said...

I too Love Ikea. The only problem is that they are over 100+ miles from my home. So when we do go there it's for major purchases. That's a good thing, because like Katie Jean said, that place is a dangerous place. I receive the catalogs and flag all the pages of the items I want to purchase from there. My new office will have items from Ikea. :0)

Nutsy Coco said...

Oh how I miss IKEA! The closest one to me is about 2 hours away. I love that fabric and how the bag turned out!

Unknown said...

You're one of the lucky few that got one of these cups. Here in California they flew off the counters within a week. Starbuck's is trying to get more manufactured.

BTW - thanks for the "Sew Great" tips. I went to purchase some of those printable labels and can't wait to try them out. :)