February 23, 2009

I'm Still Crafting

I just realized that I haven't talked much about crafty stuff lately. This is a "craft" blog, right? hehe, oops. So, to prove to you that I actually do still make things, here are a few of my recent creations in no particular order....

I crocheted this cute cupcake using a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. You have to sign up to get their free patterns, but that's no biggie.

I'm always trying to come up with new and exciting uses for my monkeys. These are 3 new styles that are now available (or soon to be) in my shop.

The French Press Monkey, or Caffatiere for you posh types. I have Jenn & Josh to thank for that idea. The one in the middle is a little trinket box type thing. The lid comes off & you can put things inside! And for those of you who have gone green, I've created the Klean Kanteen Monkey, now available for the 27oz. size. If you need to get yourself a Klean Kanteen, click here.

I'm also working away at a pattern for my zipper pouches. It's a slow, slow process, but it's coming along. I'm ready to lay it all out now. This is the pouch I photographed for the instructions. You like?

See? I've still got my craft on. What have you made lately? I'd love to hear about it.


Felicia said...

Zipper Pouch = cute
Cupecake = cuter
Monkees = cutest

Great job. I'm still hip deep in shabby chic home improvement but last week I did sew up a few tote bags for my farmer's market this summer

Jenn Maruska said...

Cute cute cute zippy!

I've been hand embroidering like crazy, and I'm long overdue for a wip blog post!

jodie said...

YIPEE! I've been hoping for a pattern for your zipper pouches! Do you need testers? I'd love to do that again!

As for my creations - I'm working on reversible placemats. A patchwork of greens on one side and a cute shamrock design on the other. A Spring/St. Patrick's Day gift for my aunt anad uncle.


LeeAnn said...

Unfortunately, no crafting over in my neck of the woods. But good thing I can come over here to get my 'fix'. :) I just purchased Heather Ross's new Weekend Sewing book. Just reading through that has also kept me occupied.

Anonymous said...

Last week I knit a hat in only a day... I was desperate to have it done to go to the snow, but that trip backfired on us. I'll blog about it tonight or tomorrow.

Molly Wiecks said...

Cute! I LOVE that fabric on the right!

Christina J. said...

Everything is so cute! I really love the monkey trinket box! And the cupcake is adorable.

I've been making a big fat nothing. I finally got a thimble to work on my leather pouch and on my second pass the needle broke! I set it down and walked away. It's still sitting on my table staring at me every time I walk by. Send me some motivation, please. Or a cupcake. :)

Junie Moon said...

What fun projects you've been working on, all are adorable. The zipper pouch looks very, very interesting and useful; I look forward to hearing more about that project.