January 07, 2009

On My Desk - January 7, 2009

Hey! It's my first On My Desk post of the year...cool. Here's what's on my cutting table today...

I had a few bibs to make for orders. Too bad I can't sell the ones that are already made, haha. Perhaps if I get them listed in my shop, hmmm.

I made two new monkeys last night. Marsha and Sebastian. Marsha is monkey #550!!! Wow, and she's already been adopted. Goodbye Marsha.

(click this image to see how great the quilting is)
I've got some binding to do. Unfortunately, my shops are busy today so I'm going to have to get to this project tomorrow. The quilting was done at a shop with a long arm quilting machine. I wish I had one of those.

Aren't things supposed to be slow this time of year?


Kristi said...

My mom has a long arm quilting machine. Lucky her!! I saw one of your monkeys on the Etsy gift guide today!

Junie Moon said...

I don't have a long-arm quilting machine either. I love that quilt, it's so adorable.