December 17, 2008

On My Desk

Here's what was on my desk today...

I had a custom order to make for the farmer's market tomorrow. Just sayin', it's gonna be in the 30's when I get there....I can't wait for that! Maybe next time I'll show you what the bag looks like.

I made myself a yummy cuppa decaf. Yes, I like whipped cream and sprinkles on my coffee. Don't you?

I can't wait to try some recipes in the new cookbook I bought last night. There are some good ones in there just calling my name.

I may start with this one. Chocolate + Caramel + Butterscotch = yes please!

This Sunday will be my last farmer's market (yay!) and then I can really start thinking about Christmas and crafty things I want to do for myself and baking and lots of other fun things. Cool.


Junie Moon said...

What fun you're having, love the fabrics, cute snowman cup, and the new cookbook looks like an adventure all its own.

Christina J. said...

I have never had whipped cream and sprinkles on my coffee. I probably shouldn't try it. :) That cookbook looks fantastic!