October 24, 2008

Goings On

Last night I made my fist ever roast chicken, this is a big deal. Why? Because I have an unnatural aversion to meat. I do not like touching raw meat (Nick had to tie the legs together for me, I just couldn't do it - even with gloves!), I don't even like to eat cooked meat very much. I'm weird, okay? Anyway, I did it and it was good. I think Nick was very pleased and his Mum is probably shocked reading this (Hi Maddy). haha

The picture is a little weird because it was night time, but I had to take one.

I picked up a great magazine yesterday . It's from Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. There are pages & pages of resources in there. It's really cool, check it out at your local book shop...

This week I found some great fabrics for a Christmas present I have planned. I'm not saying what it is, just showing you the fabric. Cute, no?

More Mary Engelbreit. I guess I'm on an ME kick right now. Usually her stuff is too "cute" for me.

And, I finished a new quilt! Yay!!! I've already listed it in my shop and have it ready for a market debut next week.

I hope to get another one made before Thursday, I think I can, I think I can. Here's to a productive and fun weekend for all.


Kathy said...

Very Nice looking Chicken you have there Mrs. Harvey!

LeeAnn said...

Your chicken looks amazing! I recently purchased the precooked roasted chicken from the grocery store. It was on sale for $5, hot and ready to eat! Crikey, the raw ones cost more.

I'll have to check out that book next time I am at Borders.

Katie Jean said...

haha, my cousin is exactly like you. She can't stand to touch raw meat. congrats on conquering your fear! ;)

Heather said...

Yeah, that seals it. We were seperated at birth. I have the same aversion to meat that you have.

Love your quilt!! And the new christmas fabric!
Your long lost sister (LOL)

Anonymous said...

I'm the SAME WAY. I make my S.O. handle all of the meat when I'm cooking something big. But, I do eat meat almost as much as everyone else. I don't like any skin, fat, bones... etc. I like my meat white, boneless, slime-less, and cooked.

LizzieJane said...

Yummy lovely looking dinner, even if it was hard for you to make.
That book looks wonderful, I can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

lol. Great job on the chicken! What an accomplishment :) I can completely relate too... Though I enjoy some meats in moderation, it can be really tough to cook them and handle them when they are raw- especially since I'm pregnant and my nose is a tad more sensitive these days. Kudos to you girly!

Also, that quilt is simply delicious. If I didn't have so many blankets for my little men- I'd snatch it up!