August 04, 2008

I've Been a Busy Girl

I won't bore you with the details tonight, just lots of pictures....

I'm working on lots of new zipper pouches.

I just finished a pile of new bibs. Check out my latest monkey fabric. Cool, huh?

Six new tissue cozies for the farmer's market basket. It's getting a bit low.

I listed Ginger and Salma today. I'm finally getting some new monkeys into the shop!

A new diaper bag made it online today too. I haven't made one of these in months. I've had this one cut out for quite some time. Chico likes it, I think.

Remember that new quilted backpack I've been talking about? Well, here it is, finally done. If you want to see the other side, click here. It's reversible.

And last but not least, the latest quilted tote. It's reversible too.

If I have time tomorrow, I'll show you what else is in the works. :)


LeeAnn said...

Someone's hands must be feeling better! Good for you! I have to finish up a few unfinished/previously abandoned projects before my machine gets sent in for a service appointment. I may have to do a UFO (unfinished object) post soon. Can you self-guilt yourself?

Christina J. said...

Very cool new monkey fabric. I really love the backpack! You have been a busy girl!

Jenn Maruska said...

Wow! You've been super busy!!

It's all lovely - the quilted tote is great!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Uh Oh--I see your hands must be doing better--yeah! I'm so glad! You are amazing--look at all that wonderful stuff! I'm loving that backpack--such cute fabrics and the style is really cute.
Smiles, Karen