February 01, 2008

You Make My Day

Thank you, Jannie aka Chickengirl (an amazing illustrator and fellow Etsian), for awarding me with the You Make My Day Award. What an honor! Now it's time for me to give it right back, here are the rules:

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.

2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the “You Make my Day Award” logo

4. Tell t
he award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Now I get to talk about how much I love reading blogs and what nice people are out in the world. When I first started blogging, last Valentine's Day actually, I did it because I heard it was good for business. Though I couldn't see how, I went ahead with it. Now that I'm a regular blogger and admittedly addicted to it, I think the real reason to blog is for the people. I've made so many nice friends in the Blogosphere and that's way better than sales. Here are 5 of the bloggers that "make my day":

1. Jenn - Not only is she a talented crafter, and a great blogger (her blog is always the first I check for new posts), s
he makes me laugh out loud pretty much every day. What a fantastic sense of humor, and Josh isn't bad either!

2. June - It's incredible how Junie can blog pretty much every day and come up with such excellent content. Each time I read her blog I'm amazed at the time and effort that goes into each post. Great work June! And yes, she's crafty too.

3. Nick - Yep, my other half. He spends pretty much all of his waking hours doing something on a computer. With only a tiny bit of help from me, he redesigned his blog this past year, and though I don't understand half of it, I'm very impressed with his programming talent. I wouldn't have a website so nice or be as happy as I am if it weren't for Nick.

4. Kelli - aka AfricanKelli - Is there anything she can't do? Great writer. Great cook. Fitness guru. Health nut. Decorator. Crafter. Need I say more? Kelli's always a source of inspiration for me.

5. Karen of Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage - How can I not be inspired by someone who so consistently chooses the same fabrics as me? haha She and I have the same taste in fabric but make completely different things, I love that. And it's great to hear about those kids too.

Thank you all for making my day over and over again. And on that note, I leave you with the yummy Cath Kidston goodies that Nick & his sister picked out for me while Nick was in England.


Junie Moon said...

I am truly touched and honored to be included in your list of awardees! That I received such an award humbles and thrills me all at the same time. Thank you so much for the blessings of your own blog and inspiration you give to each of us.

Kristi said...

How sweet. I love Junie and Karen's blogs too. I'll have to check out the others. I wish I was half as creative and talented as any of them/you.

Here's a quick question... My husband is going to England today. He's going for work but spending an extra day in London. I told him to get me something, but I have no idea what! Any suggestions as to what would be a good item to get from England that you either can't get here or is made better there? Thanks!

African Kelli said...

Oh my gosh -- you are so sweet. THANK YOU! I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me. I swear I am so blessed to be part of this online craft community -- where we are regularly learning from each other.
Thanks again!

Junie Moon said...

I'm baaaack! I just want to let you know I posted the "You Make My Day" award response on my blog (Feb. 5 post).

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

I'm so drooling over the cath kidson goodies!!

Felicia said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

OMGosh Ginny--how did I miss this? What a sweety you are! I will give this some thought and do a blog post on it soon! Thank you :o) (I love reading your blog too, it's in my top 5!)
Hugs! Karen