July 03, 2014

Sewing Machine Solution or My Old Blind Eyes

Hey, it's me again. Are you impressed that I didn't wait a year to post this time? It's not a major post, but it's something.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my sewing machine. It's a PFAFF something or other. The point is, I can't see the guidelines & numbers they put on the machine. I have been thinking for ages that I need to print out a little ruler to stick on the machine so I can see better. Well, I finally did it! Yay for me.

Cream marks on a cream background. Very helpful indeed.

 Here's what I have now...so much better.

Ahh, I don't even feel like I'm blind anymore. Hooray!


LeeAnn said...

So clever! I have the same problem with my machine. I always place a piece of masking tape to mark my seam allowance but I love your solution much better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! So happy you are posting again!😄