May 29, 2012

Handmade Toys or How I Entertain a Toddler

As I look around my house, which is now pretty much overrun with kid gear, I notice a few things made by me. I thought it might be nice to share a few (and also let you know some things that have been popular around here).

Exhibit 1: The Tag Blanket

I made this before Amelia was born, or when she was really little, but it only became popular in recent months as a blanket for Amelia's cuddly toys and dolls. She is nuts about laying a stuffed kitty or some other "doll" on the floor and throwing a blanket over them. She pats them on the chest and does it again...and again...and again. She spends all kinds of time trying to get the blanket just so, very amusing. For the record, Amelia was never into this when she was a baby. She also completely ignored Sophie, just sayin'.

Exhibit 2: Jar of Crocheted Gumballs

It has been my experience that a lot of anything small is a very good toddler entertainer. This has been on a shelf in my sewing room for a few years now and is one of many things now in Amelia's possession. Go figure.

 Exhibit 3: Apron

I whipped this up one day while Amelia was napping. She has a really cool play kitchen, and the seamstress in me insisted she have an apron to go with it. She loves to wear it and to adorn her toys as well. And I had to make it reversible because it's just more fun that way.

No really, she likes it.

Exhibit 4: Crocheted Cherry Pie

I found some really cool tiny baking pans at the dollar store and had to put something in them. I crocheted this little pie to fit the pie pan. I have no idea how I'll make a bundt cake, but the banana bread (not shown) is coming along great. The more fake food, the better, I always say.

Exhibit 5: Tea

Amelia has a very cool coffee maker, which she really enjoys, but I wanted to be fair to Nick (he's a tea drinker). I made this little tea bag in about 10 minutes this past weekend. I imagine it will get lost at some point, but I think it's pretty cute anyway. Amelia seemed to like dipping it in the mug.

Exhibit 6: The Fluff Ball Stuff

Apparently, this activity is very popular in the "toddler busy bag" world. Most of my friends are in a toddler group where they made these. It's the simplest thing in the world but has definitely filled some time. All you need is some of those disposable bowls with lids that you can get at the grocery store, some fluff balls from the craft (or dollar) store and a knife. Cut a hole in the lid of the bowl and you have a new game. I have found that the fluff balls themselves, and the 6 or so bowls with lids, have been just as fun on their own.

Well, those are few of our handmade toys. I hope you like them, Amelia does!


Nutsy Coco said...

They're all very cute and I'm sure it makes you feel good that she's playing with them since I know that's not always the case :)

Christina J. said...

I would like the crocheted pie for myself! And that tea bag is super cute! It's great that she's playing with things you have made for her. You are good mom!

Toys for Toddler said...

Very cute stuff. I remember my mother crocheting when I was younger and definitely something I should pick back up again.
I love the jar of crochet gumballs. Although I will need to watch to make sure my daughter doesn't try to eat them they are very cute and can teach her colors and counting.
The apron is great! Getting my daughter involved in the kitchen gives her a sense of accomplishment too.


Playmobil Pony Ranch said...

Kids deserves a good toy, especially those toddlers. We should also consider their safety as they play, so there are moms prefer to give their child a handmade toy. Cheap and safe.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Adorable! Love that little pie <3 so so sweet .... my little chap is in love with taggies too xxx

Unknown said...

! I love your homemade toys - especially the keys. Sometimes the simplest things end up as the best toys. Blessings on your pregnancy. I will stop by again.
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