December 23, 2010

The Joy of Mail

 The mailman has been paying us lots of visits lately.
Look what arrived for Amelia yesterday! My good friend Julie told me she was making a stocking, but I had no idea what it would be like. I LOVE it!!! Look at the kitties...and the snowman! Amelia will be able to keep this forever, I'm so excited. Thank you Auntie Julie. :)
 My knitting group is doing a knit along in January and is making the February Lady Sweater. I've never made a sweater for myself so I'm pretty excited (we'll see if I can actually get it done!). My mom got me a KnitPicks gift certificate for Christmas (and permission to use it before Christmas) so here's one of the things I got. I'm going to use this "Wool of the Andes" to knit my sweater. I've already started, but I've only knit about 5 rows...ha, we'll see if that sweater ever gets done.

And in the same order, I got some gorgeous sock yarn and this book.

Trisha and I got together last week and we went through the patterns in the book and decided on a scarf for this yarn. I haven't started it yet and might not get to it until next winter. I think it'll be a gorgeous scarf anyway. By the way, Trisha and her family babysat for me so Nick and I could go see the new Harry Potter film...thanks Trisha and co.!!

And for those of you who are interested in baby pictures, here's the latest.
Yep, I made the jumper and she does have a great big glob of slobber on her chin. Who wants a picture with a bib? This is Amelia at 11 weeks. I hear all the time in my baby group that things get all magical at 12 weeks, 5 days to go. haha


Christina J. said...

She's so cute...and her outfit is adorable! Merry Christmas! :)

Trisha said...

Merry Christmas! Love that picture of Amelia! That jumper is awesome. So cool that Julie made that stocking. It is so cute!

Alexis said...

Amelia is darling! And her sticking is so sweet. Hope you are enjoying a magical holiday season!

Alexis said...

I mean her STOCKING is so sweet! :-)

nancymoo said...

So. Cute. Isn't it awesome when the smiles start?! Ruffin's smiles are my favorite thing ever-ever-ever. :D Merry Christmas!!

Lindsey said...

Oh Amelia is absolutely adorable!! I really like her jumper too. Good job :)

PPI said...

She is very adorable. Love the picture of Amelia. You are doing great job of making sweeter for her. It will nice experience for you.

magankaercher said...

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