August 06, 2010

Is it too much?

Wow, I didn't mean to be missing that long, sorry about the extended and impromptu blog break. Must be all that nesting going on around here. It seems like all I post anymore is WIP's, but that's what I'm doing. What can I say?

Here's another round...(with a few finished projects thrown in to prove I do actually finish things every now & then, ahem)...

**Warning** This is a long post, but not too wordy.

 Let's start with a few sewing projects in the works for my little bump.
 I've spent a lot of time cutting out patterns lately, totally not my favorite thing to do (and my back likes it even less. Don't get me started on back pain right now).

How about a nice little corduroy jumper/dress with polka dot bias trim? I can't remember where I got this cool corduroy, but I know it was in England and it's super soft & cute! I'm making the little sleeveless version.

Both of these fabrics are from JoAnn and are a nice medium weight twill. I'm making the hoodie out of the polka dots and the jumper out of the kitties.

Two projects from this pattern. On the left, a coat out of the birds, lined with the stripes. Then I'll make the little dress in polka dots with stripey bloomers.

 It's cool enough around here to wear winter clothes for about 9 months of the year, so we're going to need some outerwear. This will be a reversible hooded jacket that will still work if the next baby's a boy.

Call me old-fashioned, because I am. I'm making a long sleeved dress from this adorable floral and yes, I'll probably make the eyelet pinny too. (This pattern had been around a while, my niece got a pretty little dress from it when she was a baby ~ she'll be 14 this month.)

Make it a double old-fashioned. The red will be the little short sleeved top with the blue as the bias trim & ties. No idea where the floral fabric came from but I have a bunch and I think it's perfect for this 1950's reproduction pattern, don't you?

I might as well show you my pinning system. I like to pin a little scrap of fabric to the pattern envelope to keep track of my plans and to remember what I've made from a pattern. It seems to work out pretty well for me and is very helpful if your memory has been sucked away by a growing human in your growing tummy.

This one shouldn't take too long and it's going to be made from fabrics from my stash! Check out Jenny B.'s blog for the free downloadable pattern for this cute scotty dog. p.s. I'm making the flat version.

 Maybe I'll make something for myself, maybe I won't get to it, haha. More stash fabric. Did you know there are about 3 maternity patterns out there these days? So unfair. Luckily I live in Frump City all the time.

On to the knitting...
One extremely soft pink blanket that will likely have cocoa brown trim. This is version 2, by the way. I already pulled apart about a foot of knitting I didn't like. I'm happy with this one. Got the free pattern here.

How about a little cotton cardigan? The yarn is a little paler in real life. If I don't add the organza ribbon trim, I think it could be gender neutral if needed. I'm sensible that way, you know?

This little jumper will be great for any time of year, also in cotton.

No, I haven't started on this one yet. Don't you think I probably have enough things going right now? This will be a warm wooly pullover hoody, and gender neutral again too. I promise to leave this project until I have at least one knitted sweater finished.

 Last night we went to Stitch & Pitch night at the Seattle Mariners game. I got this gorgeous yarn there. It's called "Sublime" and let me tell you, it is! It's ohhh so soft and will be made into this cardigan. (I'll be honest with you, this project will likely get started right away. Because it's crocheted, I know I can finish it about 50 times faster than anything I knit.)

Time to prove prove projects are also being completed!

Digging into my stash again, I made this super simple flannel blanket.

I couldn't resist this kitten fabric, so I paired it with a plushy white stripe & some rick rack I had laying around for another easy blanket.

I finished the baby shower invitations and mailed them, woohoo!

They do actually sell some cute stretch knits at JoAnn! This was easy to make, I used my serger and I know it'll be a handy addition to the baby wardrobe. It's got a drawstring at the bottom so you can reach the tootsies.

 Yep, cloth baby wipes. (I'll be making cloth diapers too). I've made 24 wipes and the only thing I bought was the cute animal print you see on top. Nice.

And last but not least, the Union Jack that's hanging by the door in the baby's room. (I hung it there so we could enjoy it from the hallway.) It's not actually quilted because I was too lazy to get into that, but you get the picture. :)

So, let's take a vote now:

___ You're nuts, that's way too many projects.

___ It must be nice to be able to make so many things yourself. 

___ What about the crib bedding? Geez, get off the couch already!

Anyway, I'm having the time of my life. :) 10 weeks to go.

p.s. I finished the granny square blanket too. And I'm still making new handbags & coupon organizers for the shop.


Trisha said...

I vote D. All of the above. :)

It is so awesome that you are making all this for your baby. Everything is so cute! I must say that my eyes did get a little bigger when I read about the wipes you made. Wow!

Nutsy Coco said...

What about the crib bedding? Geez, get off the couch already!

Wow, I think you're nuts :) but I'm incredibly impressed with what you've already finished AND have in the pipeline!

Christina J. said...

Holy moly! I vote with Trisha - D. All of the above! You are making me feel like a slacker!

I can't believe everything you are making! It's so special that you can do that.

Katie said...

I love all of your plans and your finished items! Can you tell me where you got the animal print fabric towards the end with the little whales on it? Thanks!

Bee said...

So good to hear that you are having the time of your life. It is so good to hear someone happy and enjoying their pregnancy.

I love the animal print on brown (top wipie). I just made a pillow case out of that for my nephew.

Cant wait to see the bedding. You are so creative and have great sense of style:)

nancymoo said...

I think it is so awesome that you are making so much yourself! You must not be sleeping!! I have about 5 weeks to go and I haven't made half of the stuff that I wanted to so yay for you! :D

LeeAnn said...

Does being pregnant give you all this energy?! Thanks for posting the little girl patterns. All my friends are reproducing little girls and they are all in the ages of newborn to 3yo. So I'm going to look them up. I love how you included your fabric choices (obviously not by mistake!) on your invite. Now your guests will see your design aesthetic. Did I tell you I helped my friend with her crib bedding? I did a bumper, crib skirt, and curtains for the room. Little does she know that a pendant banner is on the way too. She made a quilt from the scraps. It turned out really cute.

Delena said...

Good greif! Do you ever sleep, woman! Or do you have a house full of elves.

Alexis said...

I vote with Trisha too! That's a lot of cuteness!

Beth Lemon said...

Love all the projects! I've got a lot going on too. It's a good thing.

Can't wait for the bean to arrive!!!